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Teacher's Profile: Sara Brown


Location: Abergele



Contact: 07881463585

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Sara Brown

Singing is just the best thing, it's a fun and joyful way to bring people together and should definitely involve lots of humour and laughter. I've been leading community choirs and workshops for ten years now. I love the opportunity to share beautiful and funky harmony songs with people and see the enjoyment that they get from it. Nothing beats singing together!

Song of the Month


"Guya" was written by Christina Mimmocchi in a country town called Canowindra in Australia. The town is famous for its fossil museum, where you can see the some of the oldest fossils of fish dating back 360 million years ago.

Australia had more than 700 Indigenous languages and dialects prior to British colonisation in 1788. Only about 20 of these languages are still spoken and very few non-indigenous people know even a few words of the local language.

The local Wiradjuri word for “fish” is “guya”. This song pays homage to the fish fossils - “the present and the past are one” - and it is also a way of keeping alive the knowledge and struggle of Indigenous people in Australia, which to this day is neither fully acknowledged nor reconciled.