Growing Singing Childless & Whole


Kendal town centre


A women’s singing group for those of us who happen not to have kids when that was part of our lifeplan (if we ever had one!) . This group started up online (on Zoom) in 2020. Since then it has had various forms but my longer term plan is to have women meeting in Kendal for a weekend of singing and friendship. There are no details online anymore but I’d put some up if I gathered a group ready for a weekend like this. If this has any interest for you do please just get in touch.  I know it can be a horribly tender area to venture into – it certainly was for me – and I know that by meeting others who share some elements of our story we can come to a more comfortable, less tender, place with that story.  Do look up Jody Day (and her book) and Gateway Women (the online community is now called Lighthouse Women and is wonderful!)  if you haven’t already.

Session times

Not currently running except in my head! Contact me for details.

Choir details


Kendal town centre

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