Circu-tribe London December 2023

10 Dec 2023


The Foyer off the Crossing, London N1

Circu-tribe is circlesinging, vocal improvisation and body music sessions  for larger groups of singers, open for all levels of experience. Expect lots of singing, play, rhythm, movement and human connection. Circu-tribes can take place as one-off sessions, half-day or full day experiences and weekend retreats.

Circlesinging is an art form, but also a community practice with ancient roots, a chance to get in touch with “the wisdom of the body”, to come together as a collective. It can lead to a sense of ‘tribe” with people we may never have met before, or help to create stronger vocal and interpersonal connections in an existing singing group or choir.

Singing in a circle can teach us to become better musicians, and can also become a way to learn about ourselves as singers and as human beings, to feel our  interconnectedness. Circu-Tribe aims to create a safe vocal community and include singers who are less confident alongside others who might be more experienced. When you enter the circle,  you are held by the collective sound and you belong in the tribe, whatever your skills.

Alongside circlesongs, we’ll be practicing other forms of vocal improvisation and body music. If you are an experienced singer, you‘ll gather new musical ideas and confidence to lead group singing in new ways. Circle Songs also strengthen musicianship, vocal blend, understanding of harmony and counterpoint, rhythmic precision, cohesion and mutual listening.

Circu-Tribe can be a valuable tool for all singers and musicians, music and voice teachers and group facilitators, as it will expand their creative palette of vocal games, melodic and rhythmic patterns from diverse musical traditions. These new musical ideas learned through a process of sharing can then be applied to enhance their own musical language.

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Some testimonials:

  • Magical ! An inspiring , bonding , meditational release from thinking ! Thank you, you are an alchemist!  -John
  • I really enjoyed the evening. I always love choir, but it was great to feel challenged in a different way. It felt like just the right kind of amount of challenge. I especially enjoyed the fact that we were singing almost all the time. 
    Thank you for a wonderful experience -Fran
  • I have never done anything like that before and was quite nervous when I arrived but I had such fun and really learnt so much about sustaining rhythm and listening well.  –Judith
  • He really got the best out of everyone I feel… so many smiling faces.
    Lots of fun, but challenging too – good to stretch our voices in a new way! -Patti

Interested in hosting a Circu-tribe with your choir-singing group? Contact me via my website

Cost:  Recommended donation per session – £10 regular. £5 if you need to. £15 if you can

Event details


10 Dec 2023


12pm – 1.30pm


The Foyer off the Crossing
1 Granary Square
Kings Cross


£15/£10/£5 donations

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