Coming Home To The Voice- Online workshop

21 Apr 2024


“Coming Home To The Voice” is an online workshop via Zoom and introduces us to the resonant power of our own authentic voice. Many of us feel uncomfortable using our voice whether for speaking or singing. Singing has the potential to dissolve negative emotions, instil inner peace, and help create a greater sense of wellbeing.

This online workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to feel more confident about their voice, through to the more experienced singer who wishes to inject some life into their practice. Each person will be encouraged to work with the Shruti or home note in the Indian scale as a way of cultivating a more embodied sound grounded in the belly. This unchanging drone will provide a foundation for the exploration of your own unique sound. Other practices such as chant, improvisation, breathing exercises will be utilised to expand and deepen this sound exploration.  No vocal experience needed. Gavin has more than 24 years experience of working with sound supporting individuals to find their true voice.

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21 Apr 2024


11am – 12.30pm

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£20 or £15 per session if pre-booked by Apr 14th

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