Foundation in Vocal Tai Chi

06 Apr 2024—14 Apr 2024


London, UK

The Foundation in Vocal Tai Chi is an intermediate introduction to the principles and practice of Vocal Tai Chi – “a voice-life practice for the whole self.”
This is a new half-module format, responding to a perceived need for a middle space between the single afternoon workshop and the full intensive apprenticeship (3 whole modules).
This 4-afternoon, 4-hour workshop (total 16 hours) will take place over 2 consecutive weekends in April.

April 6/7:    2pm – 6pm
April 13/14:  2pm – 6pm 

It is a stand-alone course, but can be used as a stepping stone towards application for the apprenticeship too.

Deadline for booking – March 17th. It’s a small group, so numbers are limited.

The first apprenticeship in Vocal Tai Chi took place last year (2023) and 5 practitioners were certified in September to practice Vocal Tai Chi with groups and individuals.

In 2009 Jenni asked herself the question: “How can I improvise while meditating?” VTC was her answer.
Vocal Tai Chi is a vocal improvisation practice, rooted in a slow, grounded yet flowing bodywork practice – inspired by Tai Chi, while working with vocal improvisation, drone, modal scales and an inquiry into the vast array of timbres the voice holds, in the service of authentic vocal expression, artistic journey and healing process.
The afternoons are divided in two: group work 2pm-4pm, and (creatively witnessed) individual work 4pm – 6pm. Creative witnessing is an active response practice to your fellow workshop participant as they work on their solo voice with Jenni. It is like witness-learning. Each participant will have a solo session in each of the four workshops and all will be witnessed in this way.

” I think Jenni managed to find a very good balance between following a well thought out course structure, whilst being very open to how the energy of the group might take things in a different direction.” Damien.

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06 Apr 2024—14 Apr 2024


All day/more than one day


71 Crouch End Hill
London N8 8DF UK.

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Crouch End is fifteen minutes from Finsbury Park and Archway tubes by bus.

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