Harmonising Energy Centres

11 Dec 2022


Unlock your inner power through a unique combination of exercises and specific sequences of breathwork, meditation, visualization, bioenergetic, sounding, journaling and embodied yoga movements. You will leave feeling both energized and relaxed.


All welcome


More details and booking: https://tomovewithvoice.wixsite.com/london/chakras


What are energy centres?

The Sanskrit word chakra can be translated as a wheel or disk.  In the yoga tradition, the human body has seven energy centres called chakras. The chakras are a map of our inner world. When these energy centres are balanced, we experience harmony on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. However, when chakras are blocked, we stagnate and cannot enjoy our life entirely. Therefore, gaining a deep understanding of the chakra system will cleanse the channels of the body and bring greater balance to the body, mind, and life itself.

Event details


11 Dec 2022


5pm – 7pm


Unit A Rowan Apartments
Seven Sisters Road


£30 (early bird pricing) / £35