Liberate Your Voice Retreat

30 Sep 2024—06 Oct 2024


Vale de Moses, Portugal

LIBERATE YOUR VOICE will take place in the stunningly wild Vale de Moses in Oleiros, Portugal.

This will be so much more than a singing retreat!
Yes, we will be singing, but it will also be a unique opportunity to delve deep into your voice and expression.
What stories are we holding onto about our voices?
When and how have you felt silenced?
How can we go back and take care of the lost parts of our voices, to enable us to speak our truth, set clear boundaries and sing and speak from the heart without fear of judgement?

This is about finding permission to fully express ourselves and to be perfectly imperfect.
To let go of all the things we have been told we should be and be fully present with how we are in the moment.

Discover how freeing up your voice can totally transform how you are seen and heard in the world and release any fear and restriction that has been held in your body.

You will be gently and expertly guided through this transformative journey on a bespoke retreat, designed to ensure you are fully heard and can reach out for exactly what you need.

We will use group coaching, breath work, vocal exploration and somatic movement, sounding and singing through whatever comes up to create moments of joy and fully aligned connection, with ourselves, with each other and with our environment – the wildness of the location will give permission for us each to unleash our wild selves!

There will also be time and space for exploration, relaxation and integration.

You will leave feeling free, and so nurtured, fed in mind, body and soul!


Sophie is a Transformational Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, EMDR practitioner, Doula trainer and all round fun and fabulous person!
Zoie is a Natural Voice Practitioner, Choir Leader, Women’s circle holder, Performer, Improvised Healing Storyweaver and Clown!

If you would like to have a chat about whether this retreat feels right for you, you can book a half hour discovery call with Sophie here:

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30 Sep 2024—06 Oct 2024


All day/more than one day


Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat
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