Singing for Change

14 Oct 2023


Ashcroft Church Centre

Following a fabulous workshop earlier in the year (and many requests for a repeat!) we will be leading another next month.

How can we make small differences to our world in these challenging times? Are the issues you feel strongly about not being heard? Do you wish that the voices being heard were the beautiful singing voices rather than the loud powerful ones?

If so, please join us for a day of Singing for Change and you’ll be joining a proud tradition – the raising of voices in protest, for justice, for peace and for freedom.

You’ll be learning songs in 3 part harmonies taught concurrently (so that no-one waits around for long), all written and arranged by people who feel like you do about the power of song to bring about change.

To book your place and for payment details, please contact or 07593833943.

Event details


14 Oct 2023


10am – 4pm


The Ashcroft Church Centre
21 Ashcroft Rd

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Booking information

Cost: £40 (inc 3 singing leaders, words sheets, teas and coffees)

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