Soft Space

03 Jul 2024—24 Jul 2024


A gentle group online sound practice for pregnancy, held over the duration of 4 weeks. In each session you will be guided to listen to your body, focus on your breath. To experience your body’s vibration through gentle movement, singing and humming together while connecting with your baby. Finishing with receiving a soft sound healing meditation with the voice, song, shruti box and percussion.

2nd & 3rd trimester only

Online 1 hour – Wednesday 3rd/10th/17th/24th July 7-8pm

Your Host

These sessions are created and held by Sound Healing Practitioner, Vocalist, Embodiment Facilitator and Mama – Charlotte Boyd, previously Firm Feet. Charlotte has a decade of experience holding space for healing and transformation, after becoming a mother Charlotte understood the importance of movement, sound, space and rest. Charlotte has centred her practice around supporting maternal wellbeing with movement, sound and song.


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What to expect:

  • A restful mind.
  • An expanded body.
  • Guided movement & sound meditations.
  • Useful tools for labour & birth.
  • A sense of connection & community.

Sound Healing can:

  • lower anxiety & stress levels
  • calm the central nervous system
  • help shift mental, spiritual, emotional & physical blocks
  • boost your mood
  • improve memory
  • reduce pain
  • lower blood pressure & cholesterol
  • improve sleep
  • help find more flow in your life
  • regain clarity, confidence & direction
  • support & maintain mental wellbeing.

Preparation: Light a candle, create a soft space in your home where you can be left undisturbed for the hour. Have something to cover your eyes. Wear warm clothing and layers. Your body temperature will cool down during the session. Have blankets and socks nearby.

“Charlie has a magical way; a beautiful voice and and a real understanding of how to create a truly restorative and nourishing experience in her sound sessions. She somehow intuits what your body needs in order to find balance and harmony. The impact of the waves of sound is hard to articulate but it feels transformative. Can’t recommend highly enough. She’s a wonder!” – Imogen

Event details


03 Jul 2024—24 Jul 2024


All day/more than one day


£65 for the 4-week course