Song of the Heart Weekend In-person

10 Jun 2023—11 Jun 2023


Song of the Heart workshops are unique. A blend of meditative practices, deep sharing, Indian-raga based singing that leaves your whole body full of resonance, and a heart-felt sharing of our songs from our own backgrounds and culture. I have been running these weekends since 2006 and they are a lifeline for many participants. Experience opening your voice, body and heart in a totally new way. All welcome.

The workshop takes place in a beautiful village in the north-west of France, between Rennes and Nantes. Accommodation is available at the location.

Event details


10 Jun 2023—11 Jun 2023


All day/more than one day


The workshop is held in a spacious private house in the village of Soulvache between Nantes and Rennes in France.


€154 plus donation for food and accommodation


There are flights from the UK to Nantes where pick up may be arranged.

Booking information

please email Suekali for booking details

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