The Heaven and Earth Community Songbook – volume one

A treaure trove of heart-opening songs and dances from around the world.

168 uplifting songs from different spiritual traditions around the world, from the 13th up to the 21st century, varying from the inward and devotional to the joyfully exuberant. Most can be learnt by ear, and many have accompanying dance instructions – circle dances or Dances of Universal Peace.

Rounds, unison songs, and 2 to 5-part harmony songs. all tried and tested in varied singing groups in Findhorn and Stroud. The collection includes chants from Taizé, Harmonic Temple (Nickomo Clarke), Nick Prater, the Iona Community in Scotland, and many more. Beautifully laid out with artwork, and ring bound so as to lie flat.

published in 2014


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