What is the Natural Voice Network?

The Network offers a wide range of support for those working with voice and song: from practical benefits including public liability insurance and ongoing advertising opportunities, to a professional development network which can provide ongoing support and training. While the majority of our members are in the UK and Ireland, we also have members all across the globe.

Members can keep in touch with other practitioners through our web services, and also meet them in person at regional events or our Annual Gathering every January.

There are also opportunities to meet virtually with members with similar interests. This means that we can meet without having to travel – and meet with colleagues in different parts of the world.

Latest member events

These events are offered by NVN members. The events are in date order, with the next events shown first.

You can use the arrows under the cards to see the following events or click on the button below to view and search all upcoming events.

circle of hands of different skin colour

Racism, cultural honouring & appropriation

The NVN is in a process of exploring music and songleading in the context of wider conversations about racism, cultural honouring and appropriation.

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