Cantiacorum Community Choir




Cantiacorum Community Choir is based in Canterbury.

We focus on early music (sacred and secular songs) and aim to make the best sound that we can.  We learn using a range of methods, to suit all – there is no need to read music but for those that prefer ‘dots’, they are provided.  We have been singing together since 2014 and enjoy finding historic buildings where the acoustics and history enhance our enjoyment and the sound that we make.  We have moved to a beautiful new rehearsal venue this year; Kingston Barn, just outside of Canterbury.  It has fabulous acoustics, lots of space, including parking and we are very happy to have found it!

Cantiacorum is a truly friendly and inclusive group, with no audition or membership fees.  Singers are invited to make a donation to cover the cost of venue hire etc., but financial hardship should not put anyone off joining us.

I firmly believe that everyone has a voice and that singing together can be restorative, cathartic, inspiring and fun!  Learning ancient songs is particularly special and many members of the choir are drawn to this unique sound.

Session times

Saturdays: 10-1 (sometimes with the option of staying until 3:30pm)
approximately once a month...

April 6th and 20th
May 18th
June 20th
July 20th

If you would like to know more about Cantiacorum, call Catherine on 07880648444.

Choir details


Kingston Barn
25 The Street

Phone number