Change the World in Song


South Belfast, opposite Ormeau Park


This is an open access community choir, singing songs of peace, justice, peace, care for the environment and hope in a divided world. Songs are taught by ear- reading music or experience are not necessary, although sometimes written music is available. There is a strong sense of community, and we are rebuilding after Covid, when we met on Zoom, and later in outside venues to keep the group together.
We have a fabulous venue in Ballynafeigh Community Centre, Ormeau Road, which is also home to many other community groups and activities. We start back after the summer break on Thursday 14th September, at 7. Hope to see you there!

Session times

Thursdays, 7pm to 9pm

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Ballynafeigh Community Development Centre
283 Ormeau Road
Belfast BT7 3GG

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