Feisty Choir


A red brick school near the Cowley Road in East Oxford is the place to be on a Wednesday night...


Expect songs that might be fierce, political, profound and fun. Strong contemporary song by living women writers written for women’s acapella voices, with new takes on lullabies, work-songs, songs of protest and songs of nature and alt-folk with a twist. Harmony which resonates, charms, inspires and surprises.

  • Would you call yourself a confident singer able to hold a part in tune with others?
  • Can you move in time and sing at the same time?
  • Can you commit to learning lyrics and songs by heart -working towards a performance?

This is not a traditional choir, rock choir or barbershop – there will be no matching T-shirts or floaty scarves. It’s a bit stripey and occasionally bites.

Come and sing with us if you think you’re feisty enough… We’re currently running a waiting list for membership.

Session times

Wednesday evenings 7.30 -9.10pm. Term starts on January 10th 2024.
Tasters by request.


Choir currently full but there is an active waiting list so drop me a line.


Although not an auditioning choir get in touch if you think you might fit the stipulations above and we’ll give each other a test -run. Alternatively, consider coming to one of my other groups which are great for beginners¬† ie Saturday Singing Women and Singing Assembly for any type of voice.

Choir details


The Old Schoolhouse
Hertford Street
Oxford OX4 3AJ

Phone number