River Teign Singing ☀️


In our lovely village of Bridford in the Teign Valley – 20 min from Exeter.


Singing is YOUR BIRTHRIGHT! Whoever you are, we are waiting for you to join us in this fun and relaxed group dedicated to reclaiming your own singing power and to enjoying the magic of voices that come together in song.

No matter your level of experience or ability, even if you have been told you couldn’t sing – you can here!

We sing short songs in simple harmonies from around the world, from folk to gospel, tribal and spiritual – songs that sing of Love, Peace, Compassion – or sometimes just fun songs.

All songs are taught by ear and through the body (no music reading here!), incorporating meditation, mindfulness, gentle body work and conscious breathing exercises for confidence and connection to your own true voice.

There is always something you can contribute no matter your level of confidence, and you will definitely have a good time, with a lot of shared laughter and support and surprising achievements.

I also teach fun and simple exercises to help you find, protect and improve your singing voice, so that you understand how singing works and how you can develop your voice for confidence and skill. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer, you will find that you naturally make progress with your singing week after week.

But most importantly, our singing group is a friendly, supportive, relaxed and inclusive space, with no pressure and no judgement.

You are welcome whatever your age, skin colour(s), gender inclination(s), political trend, spiritual belief, neuro-divergence (I am autistic myself), and whether you love or hate Marmite.  Even if you are a BSL user, there are many ways in which you can join in, creating singing in your own way. ☀️

Singing is what we ALL share in whatever way that may be, so please DO come!

The main purpose being that everyone enjoys themselves a lot and leaves each session with a warm fuzzy heart boost.

We share our songs with the community through a homely gathering at the end of each term and there is the opportunity to sing in public at local events or in mini flash mobs for those who wish (optional).


Come and join us for a FREE taster session anytime! Just contact me to check when the next practice dates are. Keen children are welcome with a participating adult.

Looking forward to singing with you. 😊


Fee per session after your free taster: £8 adults / £6 children

Wheelchair accessible.



“I have tried many choirs but this is the only one where I have felt welcome totally  and just as I am, and where there is so much fun and inclusiveness.”

“I love coming here for the songs, for the laughter, and for the warm fuzzy heart holding.”

“I used to sing a lot but I had completely lost my voice after covid and couldn’t sing at all anymore. And it is thanks to the exercises Marie taught me that my voice came back, and that I am able to sing again!”

“I love coming here every week and I am in fact very surprised about that – because I am not, and have never been, someone who sings. But here it appears that I am! I do sing, and I enjoy it tremendously!”

“I have always loved singing and have been part of many choirs, but this is the first time I am actually learning how to sing.”

“I used to be a speech therapist and what I love here is that Marie gets us to feel how our voice works in our body, and how to work with it through feeling, and that is a new skill for me.”

“Coming here every week is my highlight – it makes my heart joyful again, and all my troubles go away.”

“It’s like a warm, cosy, huggy, joyful space to come to.”

“No words would describe this – it’s nicely wonderful!”

Session times

Monday evenings in term time from 7 to 9pm

For info & dates please contact me on:

07 866 877 423


Text messages or emails are best 😊

Choir details


Bridford Village Hall

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