Singing for Lung Health at Ormeston Lodge


Ormeston Lodge


“Music-making and other creative activities can help you feel healthier and more positive – and it seems to be especially good at improving quality of life if you’re living with a lung condition.” (Asthma and Lung UK)

Singing for Lung Health is a little different from other singing sessions. You will spend time noticing your body and breath and then learn ways to control your breathing. We will focus on noticing breathing patterns and lengthening the out-breath. You will also learn ways of speaking and singing with less effort.

And of course we will sing songs!

Singing for Lung Health is for newbies who have never sung in a group and for seasoned singers who have always loved harmonising with others.

£3.50 per session. Please contact me before your first session to discuss your health needs.

Session times

Monday mornings, 11 - 12.30

Choir details


7 Eeasbrook
Manchester M41 9JD

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