Spontaneous Choir


taking place in Freiburg-Haslach


Whatever your singing backgrund is – Would you like to sing more in your life? Have people been telling you you can’t sing? Are you a professional singer?  – This is your event!
With everyone who’s there we are forming a spontaneous choir. We’re letting go of all judgement and comparison, because then singing becomes healing and connecting!

What we are singing: rounds and harmonies from all over the world – all a capella and no sheets.
What you need: no more than your voice and joy in singing!

If you want to join for singing, please get in touch! Just in case it’s not taking place for one or another reason. Call me or text me (no whatsapp, but telegram and signal.)

I run a telegram channel to which I can add you if you’re interested: I keep people updated about session times but I also upload all the songs we sing every week, including audios, recordings from the group, lyrics and background information to the songs. There is a huge collection already for everyone interested in nice songs and rounds 🙂

Session times

Thursday evenings from 6.30 to 8(ish) pm

Choir details


Staufener Strasse 46
79115 Freiburg

Run by
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