1-1 Mentoring and Supervision

28 Sep 2022—23 Dec 2024

Delia is passionate about supporting singers/ singing teachers to continue learning and developing … especially if new to running a choir or vocal group.
Sessions are confidential and can address any aspect of singing teaching, from  the practicalities of setting up a choir…to how to work with groups…to learning new material…to addressing one’s internal mindsets, insecurities or concerns in regards performing , singing  or preparing for a workshop.
Sessions available in person, or via Zoom, Face time, WhatsApp… or telephone.
To arrange a session please contact Delia: (0044) 01342 825031 or delia@naturalvoice.net

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28 Sep 2022—23 Dec 2024


33 Upper Close
Forest Row
RH18 5DS
or Online


£80 per session or by negotiation

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Please contact Delia to discuss your needs or to arrange a session.

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