Alexander Technique, Singing & Breathing

03 May 2024


Finding Vocal Freedom and Ease – The Alexander Technique, Singing & Breathing.
For singers, performers and anyone interested in the connection between body, voice and breath.

An opportunity to work creatively and in-depth with the Alexander Technique in relation to singing and breathing: To explore how releasing unnecessary tension patterns can free and expand your voice, and enhance performance.

During this workshop we will explore how we can optimise vocal performance through learning to ‘do less in order to allow more’. We will explore how changing awareness can enable greater vocal freedom & ease and deeper, sustained breathing. Practical Alexander Technique-based release work, gentle movement/ stretching, simple anatomy, talk-throughs,  fun…and more… We will work in stillness (lying on the floor) and in movement, whilst singing, speaking, sounding…. All welcome, no previous experience needed!

Refreshments included. Shared pot-luck lunch: Please bring a plate of food to share!

Enquiries: Call Delia: 01342 825031 or

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03 May 2024


All day/more than one day


33 Upper Close
Forest Row
East Sussex



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