Apprenticeship in Vocal Tai Chi

27 Mar 2023—18 Jul 2023


The Loft - private venue in Crouch End, London

Would you like to Apprentice in Vocal Tai Chi, expand your own vocal practice and offer Vocal Tai Chi as an Artist-Leader, on receipt of a certificate of completion?

Or, – why not take the first step and start at the Foundation level? The two levels Apprenticeship and Foundation, run concurrently.

There is also the group work only option, where you do not get individual coaching but join the group for some afternoon sessions.

Vocal Tai Chi was founded by Jenni Roditi in 2012. Her work helps you both expand and relax into your voice, as if it were the very ground of your being, from where you may follow your own internal threads on an improvisatory musical journey of your own making.

Finding out that your voice is a mirror of who you really are, begins the journey of using voice for personal and spiritual development.

Mixing meditative and creative processes, Vocal Tai Chi offers a new, individually-tailored language of expression – sourced from the parts of you that need and wish to be heard.  These parts may arise of their own volition or they may have been hidden for a long time and need careful excavation.  In so singing freely, improvising, at this level, Vocal Tai Chi can bring a new understanding of creative voice,  to you, and to others listening.

Helping others expand their sense of themselves and their own voices is key to the apprenticeship. 

90 hours of contact time spread over three, 5-day modules between March 27th – July 18th 2023. This is a programme for those interested in become a Vocal Tai Chi Artist-Leader. 

There is a scholarship and several part-grants available thanks to the generous donation of a supporter. To find out more and apply by February 15th 2023 please go to this link.


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27 Mar 2023—18 Jul 2023


All day/more than one day


Exchange House
71 Crouch End Hill London N8 8DF (flat number on request).

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If you do not wish to participate in 'the whole shebang' but want to come as a Group Work Only Participant, offer yourself as a Practice Client, or come as an Observer, see the Apprenticeship link and apply for these 'entry level' options.

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