Apprenticeship in Vocal Tai Chi

16 Sep 2024—18 Jan 2025


Crouch End, London

Would you like to Apprentice in Vocal Tai Chi, expand your own vocal practice and offer Vocal Tai Chi as an Artist-Leader, on receipt of a certificate of completion?

 In 2009 Jenni asked herself a big question: “How can I improvise while meditating?”  Vocal Tai Chi was her answer, stumbled upon, by a friend who said, “Your practice looks like a vocal form of Tai Chi”.  In 2012 she presented VTC for the first time, and the work has been running ever since.

The work helps you both expand and relax into your voice, as if it were the very ground of your being, from where you may follow your own internal threads on an improvisatory musical journey of your own making.

Finding out that your voice is a mirror of who you really are, begins the journey of using voice for personal and spiritual development.

Mixing meditative and creative processes, Vocal Tai Chi offers a new, individually-tailored language of expression – sourced from the parts of you that need and wish to be heard.  These parts may arise of their own volition or they may have been hidden for a long time and need careful excavation.  In so singing freely, improvising, at this level, drawing on the body’s wisdom, as felt in Tai Chi, Vocal Tai Chi can bring a new understanding of creative voice,  to you, and to others listening.

Helping others expand their sense of themselves and their own voices is key to the apprenticeship. 

90 hours of contact time spread over three, 5-day modules between March 27th – July 18th 2023. This is a programme for those interested in become a Vocal Tai Chi Artist-Leader. 

There are several part-grants available thanks to the generous donation of a supporter. To find out more and apply by August 1st 2024.  Please go to this link.

FEEDBACK FROM 2023 apprenticeship cohort

“I anticipate that being part of the first cohort of the apprenticeship is something that will stay with me for my lifetime. I had a sense of Jenni being at the live edge of her process, the vulnerability necessary in a new venture, being met and resourced by the depth and range of her skills, life practice and experience.” Heather.

“I have really appreciated the honesty, transparency, and responsiveness that you brought to the course Jenni. I also appreciate your matter-of-fact manner which meant that everyone was valued and treated equally, with space and care given to each individual’s needs, at any time.” Eleanor

Once the first module was underway, I started to appreciate this way of working (one day on, one day off). It gave time for integration and reflection. As the course progressed, it also allowed the space to book in with practice clients, to practice Vocal Tai Chi methods in between course sessions and to socialise at events such as the Tibetan Monk’s concert at The King’s Place. I think Jenni managed to find a very good balance between following a well thought out course structure, whilst being very open to how the energy of the group might take things in a different direction.” Damien

“The balance of theory, knowledge and experience was perfect! All of the knowledge and theory fed in and out of, and around our vocal journeys and therefore amassed very real and significant meaning for all of us. I feel that this represents the core of the course’s success.”  Alistair

“The overall pacing was great: the “one day on, one day off” format, the calm pace of the sessions – the pace seemed slow, yet the experience itself was rich and often intense.  I got a sense overall that this work could be a realistic future prospect: I found the sessions overall energising and inspiring, and even as fledgling facilitator the tools of VTC made the experience meaningful and effective for my clients too.” Tuula

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16 Sep 2024—18 Jan 2025


All day/more than one day


Exchange House
71 Crouch End Hill London N8 8DF (flat number on request).

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Venue is 15 minute bus ride from Archway and Finsbury Park tubes.

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