Supervision & Mentoring for Vocal Group leaders

01 Feb 2023—25 Nov 2024

This group is Online via zoom.

Setting yourself up as a choir or singing workshop leader can feel daunting, and often the key to confidently running a successful group is simply to have sufficient support in the early days and a ‘safe space’ to bounce ideas, ask questions or receive feedback. Delia is a highly experienced singing group leader and is passionate about supporting those starting out. With this group she offers a friendly, safe and confidential online space to air your thoughts, ask questions, share and be heard! An opportunity to discuss any aspect of singing-group teaching: from the practicalities of setting up a choir…to how to work with groups…to learning new material…to addressing one’s internal mindsets, judgements, insecurities, fears etc be they about teaching, performing, singing  or preparing for a workshop….

And so if you are a singing group leader newbie, or feel in need of some support or collegial connection, why not gift yourself a place in these monthly supervision sessions? Duration 2 hours per session,  time & day arranged to suit participants.


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01 Feb 2023—25 Nov 2024


Online via Zoom


£35 per session or £120 for 4 consecutive sessions


Day and time arranged to suit participants.

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