Womb-Heart-Voice alignment workshop for women (online)

12 May 2024

12 pm—1.45 pm

What is the link between the voice-heart-womb?
Would you like to delve into science, sound, womanhood, and expression?
Are you curious about the relationship between voice and body?

This workshop is based on the latest research and anecdotal findings. It explores the theory, practices, and specific movements that reconnect women’s creative-emotional-communication centres.

The first part is dedicated to a presentation of the research findings and anecdotal evidence that addresses the womb-heart-voice connection. The second part focuses on practical exercises, such as physical/vocal warm-ups, guided meditation, self-massage, specific vocal techniques, and detailed poses aimed at exploring and understanding this interconnection.

✨ All adult women aged 18+ are welcome. No experience is necessary. ✨

BOOKING/DETAILS: https://tomovewiththevoice.wixsite.com/london/wombheartvoice

Event details


12 May 2024


12 pm – 1.45 pm