Clara Clay


Carmarthenshire, West Wales


My work deepens a loving relationship with Earth, Nature, Life; metabolise our grief of these times.

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Sharing expression through music is something I find deeply connecting and fulfilling, and what I love about harmony singing is that anyone can join in. We’re gifted our own particular voice and it thrills me no end to witness those moments when a lifetime’s story connected to not singing gets re-written and a voice is freshly released. Why does this seem so important? Maybe because gathering our voices as a group conjures a far reaching joy and meaning beyond the immediacy of consumption. In a time where boredom with ‘ordinary’ wonders drives a hunger devouring the future of life on earth, it could perhaps be a kind of mystical activism, a deepening into an ancient love affair with Life and Place.

My teaching is clear, simple and accessible. I teach by ear and repetition so no musical ‘training’ is needed.

Largely I work with song content of Albion origin. Where I share songs from wider regions and languages, I’m careful to give context to people, histories and cultures, to check permissions and work with untangling extractive and appropriative tendencies of the dominant culture we’re familiar with. Please contact me if you’d like more clarification.

My choirs

Cwmdu Monthly

A cosy fireside sing in a gorgeous old pub, often followed by soup.

An intimate, friendly, drop-in  Monday night sing. To add to the Mystery, which Monday of the month moves around! So check the Cwmdu website for details. Or message me and request to be added to my WhatsApp or Telegram channel where I post my upcoming offerings.

Session times

Monday evenings 6:45-9

Spirit House Sing

A daytime earthy, elemental sing in an exquisite Celtic style roundhouse

Far from road and phone signal, this is a delicious immersion of voices with land and all her inhabitants. The Spirit House is built by volunteers in the style of a bronze-age roundhouse. She loves to be sung! We end with an optional bring a dish to share feast.

This happens monthly on a Monday – to add to the mystery which Monday of the month changes – get in touch if you’re thinking of coming.

Session times

Monday 10:45 - 3

My events

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