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Pneumaphonie – Wilfart method
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“According to the myth, in the beginning man had knowledge. He possessed the primordial vibration, the heavenly idiom understood even by animals (…)

The language of birds, the language of the initiated and the language of St Francis of Assisi, is nothing other than this language before Babel, enriched with animal potential, then lost as it became fragmented into ethnic dialects. Just as some shamanic cultures require that a true man learn the language of animals, the practice of singing in the highest sense attempts to revive this ‘art of sound’ where posture, breath and voice compose a code of pure communication.”

(Serge Wilfart, Le Chant de l’Être, Albin Michel Paris – translation ready for publishing).


Brigitte was trained by Serge Wilfart to transmit this ‘art of sound’ and provide a variety of offerings that are always personalised, including tasters online.


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