Michael Deason-Barrow


Gloucestershire, near Stroud


I offer modular foundation singing training courses called 'Sing Freedom' and singing workshops.

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I am a professionally trained singer and have dedicated my life to helping people sing freely and healthily. I have sung professionally since the age of 11, initially as a chorister at Salisbury cathedral.

From 1991 I have run part-time training courses, numerous workshops on all aspects of singing and led community choirs. I believe in a well-rounded wholistic approach to singing.

I also believe that everyone has a singer and musician inside them and I love to share my passion in helping people to gain the skills and confidence to uncover this.

My work is founded on years of research, working with the Alexander Technique and the spiritual aspects of singing as inspired by Mrs. Werbeck’s School of Uncovering the Voice and Rudolf Steiner.

I also write books on Sing Freedom (and many other aspects of music), arrange English and Celtic folk music for choirs and compose. This is all available to purchase.

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