Helen Yeomans


Totnes, deepest Devon


Helen runs Glorious Chorus, her performance choir; also Thula Mama groups for mums & babies.

Additional information

Helen is a choir director and composer – if you sing in a community choir you’ve probably sung some of Helen’s songs. She writes all the music for her Devon performance choir, Glorious Chorus, and teaches her music around the UK and abroad. She is self-taught and only started singing in choirs in her late 30’s. In 2020 she decided to share her wealth of experience by creating a masterclass tutorial on writing for choirs which you can find on her website. In 2015 Helen won the gospel category prize in the UK Songwriting Contest for her song ‘Saved’. She runs regular workshops in London and by invite all over the UK, in addition to teaching at camps & festivals. Helen also runs a fabulous singing holiday in Greece every Whitsun. Her Thula Mama groups are for mothers with babies up to crawling age, being mainly for the benefit of the women. She now has groups around the UK and anyone with a confident harmonic area can start a group in their own town. For this she has created an extensive repertoire of simple songs & lullabies for female voice. All Helen’s music can be purchased as MP3 digital downloads, CDs and music scores, through her website.

My choirs

Glorious Chorus

Glorious Chorus is Helen Yeomans’ performance choir and the main outlet for her music. Created in 2003, this choir is having its final season and will close in summer 2023. The singers will be led by a new MD under a new name as Helen goes off to have new adventures.

The choir will be performing its ‘greatest hits’ in a series of farewell summer concerts in south-west England.

Session times

Tuesdays 7.30-9.30pm

Thula Mama

Thula Mama is a franchised mother & baby enterprise founded by Helen Yeomans in 2002. The founding group is in Totnes, Devon, and Helen has other Thula Mama groups around the UK. The groups offer the teaching of lullabies and songs in simple harmony as a way of increasing mothers’ confidence in singing and soothing their babies as well as enabling more social contact for the mothers and reducing isolation. Any mum can join as long as their babies are pre-crawling, as the groups are primarily for the mothers and once the babies are crawling the mothers’ ability to learn reduces significantly!

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