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The Song house / Teach na nAmhrán, Falcarragh, Co. Donegal. Ireland


Pan-European choir, Cór an Chroí. Singing holidays, choir leadership training, song books for choirs

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Choir director, community choir leader trainer and workshop leader. Candy has spent 25 years building up community choirs in Bath and West Wiltshire, including the set of 5 Singing in the Round choirs, and Sounding It Out. She has trained up many other choir leaders, many of whom make this their full time living. She initiated Soul Soundings at Wells Cathedral, Somerset, and facilitated it for 11 years. She has written 2 songbooks for children, and together with her friend and colleague Lindsey Williams, has written 3 song books for Community Choirs.

She now lives most of the year in NW Donegal, Ireland, where she runs the Song House, a place for renewal and reconnection. . It is also available for others to run workshops and holidays.

My choirs

Cór an Chroí / Choir of the Heart

This lovely choir based at the Song House, Falcarragh, Co Donegal has been going for 7 years now. We sing weekly on Tuesday evenings, and perform at local festivals and events. Repertoire- all sorts, with an emphasis on Irish songs in Irish and English.

We specialise in songs arranged by Candy, also arrangements of songs created by local singer songwriters.

Session times

Tuesdays at 7pm at the Song House

The Pan-European Choir

We are a group of 25 experienced singers, from around Europe. We meet twice a year in each other’s countries, to sing an ever increasing repertoire of songs. The aim is to improve our singing, and each meeting to get better, but also of course the lovely social aspect of meeting up with friends every 6 months. We sing songs from many countries, also heartfelt quality songs from the 2 books by Lindsey Williams and Candy Verney.

Candy gives out the repertoire, including MP3s, written music and lyrics, 3 months before we meet. Singers have to learn their parts, so that when we meet, we go straight into perfecting and refining the music.

If it interests you to be part of this choir, contact Candy.

Session times

We met twice yearly for a 4 day residential in each others' cities around Europe. We also meet monthly on zoom.

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