Alise Ojay




Singing exercises designed to tone the throat and reduce snoring

Additional information

Alise is best-known for her research into the use of singing exercises to reduce snoring and for creating the Singing for Snorers exercise programme in 2002. A clinical trial of her exercise programme was published in 2013.

Alise has also directed warm-hearted, unauditioned community choirs for over 20 years. Her aim has been to honour and celebrate our common humanity; using a repertoire of secular songs from all around the world to learn about and feel in our body, at least something of the lives, history and vocal expression of people living both near and far.

Alise founded a choir in Crediton in 1997 and continued to direct it until 2016. It leaves her with many happy memories! She also founded (2004) and directed a choir at the University of Exeter which had a student committee, enjoyed an international membership and was delightfully described as ‘radically intergenerational’.

The University choir met weekly during term-time until the Covid-19 pandemic then, after supporting each other online, remet to sing together in the University grounds. Sadly, it is not currently running as a University society as Alise needs to work fulltime on her Singing for Snorers programme. Hopefully this much-loved choir will re-start one day! In the meantime, old members, still in the area, are still meeting very occasionally outdoors with Alise to keep our friendships alive and sing a little from our old repertoire.