Lisa Doscher


Wantage, Oxfordshire


women, LGBTQIA+, embodiment, healing, creativity, ARCH, Anti-racism, inclusive, rhythm, meditative

Additional information

Lisa is a singer-songwriter, song leader and healer based in Oxfordshire. Originally from the U.S., she was steeped in the American folk tradition and sacred choral music, experiencing music from an early age as a force of joy, healing and bringing people together.

Lisa learned the power of women\’s voices while singing with Olympia\’s Daughters, a cappella ensemble, and was greatly influenced by her time living in Georgia (USA), singing music in the African American tradition and having the opportunity to sing with the Albany Freedom Singers. She is passionate about increasing awareness of marginalised voices in song spaces, as well as advocating for honouring, contextualising and giving fair compensation for music of the African diaspora and indigenous cultures. A large part of Lisa\’s work blends music and healing, helping women and LGBTQIA+ folks to trust their own voices and bodies and connect to their creativity for greater fulfilment, purpose and joy.

Lisa performs as a solo artist, blending her singer-songwriter background with her love of harmonies, her looper and desire to use her voice to make change and inspire others to do the same. She has released 2 albums, \’Return Home\’ in 2014 and \’Tuning In: Songs to Reconnect and Recharge\’ in 2021 (available to buy on her website). Lisa founded Voices of the Vale, a community choir in Wantage, Oxfordshire in 2015 which is still running and also directed Singing in the Sticks in Garsington, Oxford 2019-2022. She has recently started Full Moon Song Circle, a weekly women\’s group in Harwell, Oxfordshire. She also offers 1:1 voice sessions. Lisa is currently a trustee of the NVN as the ARCH (anti-racism and cultural honouring) representative.

My choirs

Full Moon Song Circle

A weekly song circle for women identified folk to gather and welcome in the fullness of ourselves through group singing. No singing experience is necessary and songs will be taught orally, so no need to read music. The focus will be using our voices and allowing our bodies to relax into singing naturally, to increasingly access the power and beauty of our voices. We will explore the power of harmony to lift our mood and strengthen connection and awareness. We will sing chants, rounds and songs that are accessible to all with more challenging parts available for those who desire. Genres we may explore are folk, pop, songs from around the world, music of the African diaspora, original songs. Non-binary people welcome if comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of women and those assigned female at birth. More more information and booking, go to, or email

Session times

Sundays term time 7:15-9:00 pm

Voices of the Vale Community Choir

We sing a variety of uplifting music with pop, folk and music from around the world. We come together for the joy of singing  and of course the tea break and chat! No singing experience necessary. Contact me for more info!

Session times

Mondays in term time, 7:30-9:00 pm

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