Meri Goad


Cupar, Fife


This inclusive singing group is run on NVN lines with no accompaniment and no written music.

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We love the sound of our voices in harmony!  Rounds and part songs are unaccompanied and vary in style and genre.  Written music is not needed as parts are learnt by ear.  Meri has been leading a small community choir for about twelve years,  She is a vibrant and energetic facilitator, helping anyone who thinks they can\’t sing to find a voice.  She has a B.Ed, a diploma in Music and a BA Hum. with Music (OU).  Enabling communities to harmonise is Meri\’s passion.

Meri also works with the Fife branch of Parkinson\’s UK, providing singing workshops at their face-to-face meetings and also on Zoom.

Additionally, each year, Meri leads a five-day workshop in Grasmere in the beautiful Lake District along the same lines as her Dairsie Community Singers.  Please see for more information.

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Dairsie Community Singers

We sing simple, unaccompanied rounds and part-songs from a range of traditions and cultures. No need to have previous experience or to be able to read music as all songs are taught by ear. What brings us together is the love of singing and hearing our voices in harmony. Listening to how our voices blend with others is rewarding and we also sometimes enjoy improvisation in a very non-threatening way. Everyone is very welcome.

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Tuesday evenings 7-8.30pm Please email for dates

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