Angela Spencer


Lewes, East Sussex


Relaxed and friendly non-performing groups welcoming singers of all levels of confidence

Additional information

I’ve had the great pleasure and privilege of leading harmony singing groups, singing days, weekends and holidays for over 20 years. I have a wide variety of beautiful songs from all over the world in my ever-growing collection and I love sharing them.

Everything we sing is taught by ear so there’s no need to read music or to have sung in a choir before. You’ll find my teaching is always gentle and encouraging and focused on building community, confidence and well-being. My singers tell me they love the warm, life-affirming experience of coming together to create music that’s uplifting, comforting and restorative.

Singing Circle, Singing for Larks and A Cappella Fellas meet regularly in Lewes and are all relaxed, friendly, non-performing groups. Singers Together began as a weekly Zoom group in March 2020 and continued until September 2021 when we were able to start meeting in person again.

Over the years, we’ve raised funds for our local hospital, for our local food bank, for the Green Olive Trust, which provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged children in Kenya, and for the British Red Cross/DEC.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about any of our groups or events – I’d love to hear from you.

My choirs

A Cappella Fellas

Harmony Singing for Men. Small and friendly group welcomes new members. Please contact Angela for dates and details – no sessions planned for Autumn 2023.

Session times

Fortnightly-ish Thursdays 8.15 - 9.30pm

Inner Harmony

Soothing singing by candlelight.

Session times

Monthly on Thursdays 7.45 - 9pm
Please contact Angela for dates and details

Singing Circle

This group is currently full.

Session times

Tuesday evenings

Singing for Larks

Start your day the harmonious way with uplifting songs from around the world. Relaxed and friendly group welcomes new members. Please contact Angela for dates and details.

Session times

Tuesdays 9.45 - 10.45am

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