Sarah Masters


Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Walsall


I am MD of The Howling Wolves Community Choir and Co Director of Sing Away CIC

Additional information

Leading choirs is something quite new to me! I have a musical background, primarily in early years music and music tuition. I have a degree in Music Technology, I have almost 20 years experience of instrumental teaching in various forms – mainly one to one private tuition and working for my local music service. I also have my own early years music business called Rainbow Rhyme which was established in 2010.

In 2019, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to lead the Howling Wolves Community Choir, on a trial basis at first as it was my first time doing anything like this. I had sung with my local natural voice choir for a few years and became good friends with the MD. It was through her that this opportunity came about – but that’s a story for another time! The trial went well and I was given the permanent role in January 2020.

The Howling Wolves Choir were formed in 2013. We are made up of around 30 regular members although there are many more that attend when they can. We rehearse at the Newhampton Art Centre, Dunkley Street, Wolverhampton on Wednesday evenings 7-9pm.

We are proud to be a Natural Voice choir and welcome everyone – no musical experience is necessary, all songs are taught by ear. We perform regularly throughout the year but there is never any pressure on members to take part although it is encouraged.

During the pandemic, a new project evolved. My choir leading friend, Louise Blackburn began running singing support groups. Choirs were not able to meet and rehearse due to restrictions and this was a way that she could reach out to those that were feeling vulnerable and isolated and offer a support group singing simple songs and enjoy other people’s company.

From this, Sing Away CIC was born. A non-profit organisation formed by Louise, myself and one other talented musician and friend, Emma Jackson. We are still in early days, but so far, we have run our weekly Sing Away support group for almost 18 months now, we have held workshops and next year, we are holding our first ever Community Choir Festival in the West Midlands. We are very excited about the opportunities that we can create through Sing Away.

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