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The Pitawbagok (Lake Champlain) watershed -- Burlington, Vermont, USA


Podcast "A Breath of Song" | Workshops in skills & improvisation | In-person and online song

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I approach our voices with curiosity, awareness, knowledge, and deep listening; whether a skilled auditioned chorus, a pick-up park sing of strangers or a class of uncertain singers, I want deeply rewarding, “ah-ha” musical experiences for you — and me.

“Patricia has a way of creating loving space for all to share their gifts and participate in whatever way works for them. I look forward to each song circle.” — Holly, Michigan

Poetry, music theory, vocal technique, conducting classes, somatic and imagery work, mindfulness practice, and the observation of hundreds of my students and singers all informs my presence with groups. I seek inclusion and honoring of each to make a richer and more resilient world for all, and I hold the bravest singing space I can.

I invite people to join me exploring their voices in song through my podcast, A Breath of Song, and other in-person and online activities at

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Pocket Songs

In Zoom sessions you’ll be off-mic, able to sing along freely with Patricia, who curates a set of fresh songs with a slant toward presence and wellness. Using live-looping, call-and-response, guitar, piano, and gentle humor, she builds a communal singing experience of 7-10 songs in an hour. Some gather up to 15 minutes before the start for visiting and a bonus song.

All songs are taught by ear, and resources to help you sing them through the week are part of the package. Song lyrics appear in the chat and are also available ahead of time on the private members’ page.

While many people choose to participate on a weekly (or twice-weekly!) basis, this group also welcomes drop-in attendance for those whose schedules don’t allow for regular commitment.
“Pocket Songs has been one of the most uplifting and connecting activities I have begun since the world turned upside down over COVID-19.” — KRS, New Hampshire

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Sundays 4-5 pm Eastern (NYC) Time and/or Tuesdays 10-11 am Eastern Time

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