Rachel Waite


Liverpool, Merseyside


Singing For Wellbeing. No sheet music; short simple loop songs sung in a circle.

Additional information

From a very young age I got a thrill from anything to do with singing and movement, it didn’t matter what, I loved to move my body and use my voice… I just couldn’t stop!   It quickly became a passion and a vocation, yet I’d always felt drawn to being around babies and children too. The fire for performance was burning most brightly when I was 18 and so I moved from Liverpool to London to seek my fortune!

With a degree in contemporary dance and a Post Grad in Professional Performance under my belt I had many exciting experiences as a performer including Fame the Musical, Caburlesque, Working as a body double/stand in for Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Parts 1 & 2)

Working as a nanny and music teacher in between auditions gave me the insight into how music can support families and my joy in nurturing mothers and babies in particular.  After gaining a CACHE Level 3 Diploma I worked as a Family Support Worker on the Neo Natal unit at Homerton Hospital in East London among other NHS roles.

I trained as a Singing Mamas Choir Leader in 2017 and have found a new vocation; bringing song into peoples’ hearts and homes!  With this certification, and the rest of my skills, I moved back home to Liverpool in 2018 and set up Holistic Harmonies.

One of my passions is to work with people of all ages, bringing about human to human connections using music and dance.  We’ve created a 6 week Intergenerational Music & Movement programme and our vision is to roll it out across care homes in Liverpool.

I have amalgamated all of my experience into this business and personally, I am trying to build a working life that includes all of my skills and passions and is fulfilling, creative, gives me autonomy and freedom, and is hopefully benefitting the lives of the families I work with.
I now call myself an Arts For Health Professional.  Within Holistic Harmonies, I lead a Singing For Wellbeing Group in Liverpool City Centre, and deliver Singing Mamas Community Groups.
I am building relationships with social prescribing and NHS mental health teams across Liverpool to partner and signpost people to each others’ services.  This feels like a great step forwards in acknowledging just how good singing and moving is for us… but we knew that anyway didn’t we?!


Come and join me for a sing when you can!


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