Rebecca Ballard


Cardiff and its environs.


Cardiff Carers Choir for people who are unpaid carers.
I am also available to provide cover

Additional information

I am a member of Cardiff Canton Singers and provide cover for Laura Bradshaw. Prior to COVID-19 I also led a church folk choir and a small community choir in Penarth.

I love funky rhythms and the harmonies of songs for Georgia (Eastern Europe rather than the USA).

I plan to set up \”Cardiff Carers Choir\” for people like myself who are unpaid carers for family members.

My choirs

Cardiff Carers’ Choir

For people like myself who are unpaid carers for a family members. I create a space where carers can come and relax, breathe and have some time for themselves and have fun!

Session times

Tuesday mornings

My resources

I am a bit of a tech geek, and my resources kind of reflect that,

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