Christa McCartney


Isle of Man


Kodály, canons and rounds, simple harmonies, everyone welcome.
Uplifting and fun!

Additional information

Having run several different types of choir over the years I have found I am particularly suited to community choirs. I am a classically  trained choral conductor and Kodály practitioner. I bring those skills with me to inspire joy and create harmony in the community around me in accessible ways, using simple and uplifting music.

My choirs are The Rolling Tones and Northern Natural Voices.

“It is not worth singing for ourselves; it is nicer if two people sing together. Then more people: hundreds, thousands, until the huge Harmony can be heard, in which we can all be just one, indeed. Then we will be able to say: ‘May the world be happy’.” – Zoltan Kodály

My choirs

Northern Natural Voices

An new and inclusive choir for those with all levels of ability. We sing uplifting simple harmonies designed to lift the spirit and bring joy. Repertoire is mostly from the Natural Voices publications and the Manx folk tradition.

Session times

Alternate Fridays 7-8.30pm

The Rolling Tones

A fun female-only choir which sings a variety of easy repertoire in two or three parts. No audition, no need to read music, just come and have fun….. We may even add a little optional line dancing to warm up!

Session times

Wednesday 6.30-8.30pm

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