Ruth Routledge


Nutbourne, Chichester, West Sussex


Singing for health, Song leader training, composing/arranging

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I am a singing for health practitioner and researcher newly relocated to West Sussex/Hampshire, UK, after living and working in London for 17 years. I am passionate about the benefits of body, breath and voice work being used to improve symptoms of ill health and disease. I have experience working with individuals and groups of all ages to support mental health and wellbeing, trauma, high blood pressure and lung health conditions such as asthma and COPD. I have also extensive experience in creating projects for inclusion and to alleviate loneliness and isolation.

After a degree in Music and Philosophy from the University of Birmingham I went on to specialise in choral conducting in Lyon, France, as well as studying jazz and improvisation. On returning to the UK I worked in London, founding community choir organisations (Vocality Singing, Choir Community, Pram Chorus and Night Chorus) and as a choir leader, setting up and running projects in schools, voluntary organisations, hospitals, care homes, work places, the wider community and online during the Covid lockdown. I also collaborated with yoga practitioners, co-leading voice and yoga retreats in the South of France, in English and French.

On founding Pram Chorus choirs for parents in 2012, I experienced myself and heard from members about the mental health and wellbeing benefits of singing, which started my journey into singing for health. I became fascinated by the biological mechanisms of group singing that are supporting and improving people’s health and quality of life. I now work as a singing for health practitioner and researcher, conducting my own research as part of a Masters degree. My particular research interests are in using group singing to reduce blood pressure and improve associated mental health issues such as anxiety. I am also the host and producer of the Singing for Health Network Podcast, which aims to bridge the gaps between research, practice, medical practice and participation.

When I am not reading/writing research papers or leading singing groups, you can find me on the netball or tennis court, walking on the beach, playing the piano or eating cake in a cafe.

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