Jennifer John


Liverpool, Merseyside


I'm a composer, singing worksop leader and music mentor. I also manage Sense of Sound Singers.

Additional information

I love everything about choirs: the cohesion, the harmonisation, the contribution of the smaller sections that make up the whole ensemble. I love the energy they create and transfer to audiences that evoke strong emotional responses. I believe this is very specific to the human voice. I don’t even have to understand the language being sung to feel the magic of the sound and spirit that collective voices create.

I have a passion for working with diverse communities to enable people to have their voices heard and I have been at the helm of many innovative and inspiring choir projects and collaborations of all demographics and sizes. I am committed to providing accessible music training and artistic development for all people and I am always looking for interesting and accessible ways to do this.

I am the Guinness World Record holder for the most people (1631) singing Love Me Do (The Beatles) in a round. I also run Liverpool Complaints Choir.  During lockdown I ran a virtual choir called Love Sings (see below), and I wrote We Are She.

Services offered:

  • Virtual choir creation
  • Singing workshops and masterclasses
  • Community choir leadership and development
  • Choir performance and presentation.

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