All Year Rounds and Riffs

All Year Rounds is a collection of seasonal, everyday and humorous rounds suitable for all kinds of choirs and music teachers. See my Downloads page for example sound files from the book.

A Review of All Year Rounds
“I am delighted to say a few words by way of recommending this book to all those who run workshops and/or choirs. Laura is a colleague I treasure. She has a warmth, enthusiasm and lightness of touch which is inspiring and which shines through in all these rounds, along with the humour of her partner’s illustrations. This doesn’t mean the subjects of the rounds can’t have a serious intent. Those such as Burden of War and the funky Green Fingers have a clear needed message for us all. Itchy Toe juxtaposes absurd words with a deliciously lyrical melody and O’Willow Tree calls up Baroque sounds while you are helped with clear stepping stones to create your own rounds to slipping on a banana! This is a rich, varied and enjoyable adjunct to all our song collections.”

Frankie Armstrong

(President of the Natural Voice Network)


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Currently available on Amazon. Planning to make available online and independently soon.