Singing in the dark times

A collection of 7 new songs for Community Choirs – songs of solidarity, questioning, and care for the earth. Available as a pdf download with accompanying sound files.

Chants for the earth – three chants which may be sung in sequence or alone, as responses to the current climate emergency.

Lift each other up – a song written in lockdown when we all needed this – but it seems we need it after lockdown too!

Lines in the sand – a song reflecting on how the UK as a onetime colonial power, chooses to treat refugees

Song for Noor – a song inspired by an article I read in the Guardian about a Yemeni woman who travelled alone for 8 months to reach the UK, in order to claim asylum for herself and hopefully her children. You can read the article here –

We were seeds – this song was inspired by a translation of a couplet from the Greek poet Dinos Christianopoulos, which seemed to me to be full of hope.

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