Songs from the Highlands

The small songbook contains 15 short songs, rounds and chants. You can use them for warm-ups, mediations and singing events, or just sing them with your group. 11 songs are in English and 4 are in German


  1. Auf Vogelschwingen getragen (round and chant)
  2. Autumn colours (round)
  3. Blätter treiben (round)
  4. Nature makes the world go round (round)
  5. Flowing river (round and chant)
  6. Sing hey, hey, summer is here (round)
  7. Scottish summer round (round)
  8. Make way for peace (chant)
  9. I like the wind (round)
  10. In the summer sun (round)
  11. Time to be free (short song, chant)
  12. Minuten und Sekunden (round)
  13. Stille (chant)
  14. Together (round)
  15. Winter blessing (chant)

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