The New Unicorn Village Songbook Volume 1 (2013-2015)

Chorus from ‘East’ (Kirsty Martin)
Dream Our Dream (Helen Yeomans)
Fat Cat (Helen Yeomans)
Flame (Susie Ro Prater)
Heart Beat (Nick Prater)
Heavenly Father (Alison Whittall)
I Wanna Be There (Pauline McWilliams)
I Want to Sing as the Birds Sing (Esyllt Harker)
I’m Glad I Have Seen You (John Bowker)
Jerusalem (Helen Yeomans)
Just Sing! (Charlie Thomson)
Lay it Down (Nickomo)
Lifted High in the Arms of Love (Alison Burns)
Long Walk to Freedom (Nickomo)
Look at the Sea (Alison Whittall)
Mojo (Helen Yeomans)
Mother Hear Me Calling (Janna Goodwille)
One Heart (Alison Whittall)
Open Your Heart (Nick Prater)
Peace (Alison Whittall)
Rooted in My Love (Tarisha Seligman)
Sing to the Land (Nickomo)
Until the World is Singing (Susie Ro Prater)
Unto This Land (Helen Yeomans)
Veni Sancte Spiritus (John Bowker)
Who Will You Be? (Dee Jarlett)
Wind the Clock (Nickomo)
With Every Breath (Nick Prater)

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