The New Unicorn Village Songbook Volume 2 (2016-2018)

A Bright Day (Pete Linnett)
Blessed Earth, Holy Spirit (Alison Whittall)
Busi Siwe (John Bowker)
Come in Peace (Judith Silver)
Dreamy Doo-Wop (Bruce Knight)
Everybody’s Here (Helen Yeomans)
Fidget’s Gospel (Sheila Macbeth)
For Our Children (Tarisha Seligman)
Glory Glory (Helen Yeomans)
Grandmother I Honour You (Susie Prater)
Hear the Sweet Birds Sing (Pete Linnett)
Hey! (Won’t you come out to play?) (Nickomo)
Home to my Heart (Emily Roblyn)
Hope not Hate (Pauline Down)
In This Moment I am Free (Susie Prater)
Kuenda Bwino Bwino (John Bowker)
Let Peace Descend (Ali Burns)
Live Long Enough (Nickomo)
Love Finds the Way Through (Tarisha Seligman)
Love is the Power (Helen Yeomans)
Mwanga Wa Christo (John Bowker)
Natu Maini (John Bowker)
No More Holding On (Susie Prater)
One Life, One Song (Pete Linnett)
Pamodzi (John Bowker)
Tea and Buns (Nickomo)
This Heart of Mine (Ali Burns)
This is a Wave (Emily Roblyn)
This is Home (Sophia Efthimiou)
Until We Meet Each Other Again (Helen Yeomans)
Wandering Wye (Eleanor Holliday)
White Water (Nickomo)
The New Unicorn Village Songbook [Volume 2] comes with a CD and a CD ROM:

CD – demonstrations of all the songs;
CD-ROM – contains demonstrations of all the individual parts to all the songs as mp3 files.
Also available as downloads:

Book of scores in Adobe pdf format,
Demonstrations and parts as mp3 files.

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