Under the Shelter

Under the Shelter is my latest book of short workshop songs.  The songs were written to be easy enough to teach as part of a one day workshop. The song notes included in the book outline ways to simplify or vary the teaching including which parts to choose to make the best 2 or 3 part version.

The price includes the printed book, PDF, and MP3s of songs and separate parts.

Under the Shelter includes:

  • Can’t Eat Money and You Cant Eat Cash,
  • Every Brick You Take From the Wall,
  • From My Heart to You,
  • Heart and Soul,
  • Here is the Rock,
  • I Believe That One Fine Day,
  • In Dangerous Times,
  • Love can Build a Bridge,
  • Stay Up Till Dawn Nights,
  • Sunrise Sunset,
  • There’s Just Sky Above my Head,
  • This Room and This Singing,
  • To Walk Along This Shore,
  • Under the Shelter,
  • We Are the River,
  • Will There Be Singing?

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Via my website –https://aliburns.co.uk/shop/song/books/under-the-shelter-2/