Monday, Singing with Parkinson’s


This group is held at the Newell Centre, Chichester


This session is part of an afternoon of activities organised by Parkinson’s Uk. It runs on the first two Mondays of the month and is followed by a sociable tea break! Those with Parkinson’s and their carers and family members are all welcome.

It is run in a spacious hall with easy access for wheel chairs if needed. We have a piano available and we project the words of songs when required.

We have a number of warm-ups which encourage movement, deeper breathing and articulation, activating muscles such as the diaphragm. Our songs range from the well known, which help access memory, to the challenge of new ones which help keep the brain working!

A friendly and supportive group, we always seem to have a good time.

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The Newell Centre
Tozer Way
Chichester PO19 7LG

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