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Thula Mama is a franchised mother & baby enterprise founded by Helen Yeomans in 2002. The founding group is in Totnes, Devon, and Helen has other Thula Mama groups around the UK. The groups offer the teaching of lullabies and songs in simple harmony as a way of increasing mothers’ confidence in singing and soothing their babies as well as enabling more social contact for the mothers and reducing isolation. Any mum can join as long as their babies are pre-crawling, as the groups are primarily for the mothers and once the babies are crawling the mothers’ ability to learn reduces significantly!

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This map is for the Totnes Thula Mama group. Visit to find other groups around the UK. The Totnes group will be run by Steph Bullock from September 2023, her number is 07813 358488 for any mums who want to join that group.

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