One-day “Be Your Voice” Workshop in London

16 Jun 2024


Elm Park Studio, London

An in-person Yoga of Voice workshop with a qualified “Pneumaphonist” (Breath-Voice practitioner) in a supportive environment.

“It is possible to rewrite the history of an individual through their voice. The Pneumaphonie® method makes it possible to free them from deep angst, from firmly rooted anxieties and from psychosomatic disorders revealed by the body’s memory.

The true sound triggers an immediate agreement between the universal breath and the bodily instrument which channels and reveals it. The true sound reveals, liberates and conveys the message: it questions, solicits, signifies and communicates.

Singing must be an act of love, it bonds.”

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Send an email to or call 07931784868 for more information. Thank you.

Event details


16 Jun 2024


10am – 5pm


12 Yale Way
London RM12 4BD


£79 : special price for NVN members


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