Singing the Cycle of Our Lives

This CD is one of a series of three workdiscs offering parts for a wide range of simple songs and chants which can be used at a range of occasions.

The 45 songs and chants on this double CD collection honour and celebrate key life events and transitions, including birth, marriage and death.

This collection is drawn from a wealth of spiritual and folk traditions. It is an ideal resource for use in the creation of ceremony, as well as a magnificent collection of songs to be enjoyed in their own right. The songs are both joyous and reflective and include many that are easy to learn as well as some that are more complex.

This CD has been created by Natasha Hood (Celebrant and Interfaith Minister), Sarah Pennington (Natural Voice Practitioner) and Karine Polwart (well-known Scottish singer-songwriter). Using only their natural voices, the songs are presented with the tune and harmony parts for each one sung separately before being put together.

The songs are drawn from many traditions; they are ‘holy, silly, sacred, embracing and heart-warming’. The CD is professionally recorded to a high quality and comes with a booklet setting out all the words.

NB: Eight of the 45 songs on Singing the Cycle of our Lives can also be found on the other two CDs in this series – they were included because they were relevant to several themes.

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