The Singing Leader’s Autumn Planner

Introducing The Singing Leader’s Autumn Planner – Get yourself ready for the Autumn “Term”, to give your choir the great experience you know you can. Designed specifically for Choir Leaders, Musical Directors, Singing Leaders, and MDs who struggle with organizing and maximizing their rehearsal time, this planner is here to transform your choral experience.

With sections dedicated to monthly overviews of themes and songs; repertoire selection, vocal warm-ups, rehearsal schedules, and performance preparation, this planner ensures that nothing is left to chance.

Unlock your full potential as a Musical Director, Singing Leader, or Choir Leader, and watch as your rehearsals become more productive, engaging, and rewarding. Your choir deserves the best, and this planner is the key to unlocking their true musical excellence.

The Singing Leaders Autumn Planner

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